Special Offer for Digital Marketing Companies

by Shahid on 09-29-2022 in Offers

Digital marketing agencies, SEO/SEM experts and freelancers can take advantage of the yellow pages directory by getting a link to their client's website through a dofollow anchor keyword.

Our premium listing allows us to create banners and text-based (anchor) advertisements. We display such ads on all pages (150k+) for a couple of days and thus they get immediately indexed and receive an advantage very quickly.

As an agency, you can create as many listings inside the same account as many you want, You will have the lead management and email marketing capabilities in addition to search engine-related advantages. 

After a couple of days, your link remains available within the targetted category as far as your listing remains active. You may also choose to display the anchor keywords to relevant categories(pages) for the most targeted link juice.


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